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To understand our clients' needs and interests, we work closely with them to understand their business and industry. We endeavour to  help our clients realise their business plans, from conception till completion by actively participating in the negotiation process and taking charge of the execution.


Aside from providing general legal advice on business-related matters (including but not limited to contract law, corporate structures, shareholders' arrangements and legal / regulatory compliance), we also facilitate, manage, and assist our clients in seeing through corporate and commercial transactions. 

We have experience drafting / reviewing the transaction documents involved in the following areas:-

  • ​agency & distributorship

  • business formation

  • banking & finance

  • company incorporation

  • corporate governance

  • corporate real estate

  • data protection

  • debt recovery

  • foreign investments

  • franchise and licensing

  • gaming

  • joint ventures

  • legal due diligence

  • mergers and acquisitions

  • partnership

  • private wealth

  • regulatory compliance

  • sale & purchase of shares

  • sale & purchase of business assets

  • settlements

  • start-up / venture capital

  • technology & media

Corporate & Commercial


We advise and represent our clients in real estate transactions. We also advise our clients on the tax implications (i.e. stamp duty and real property gains tax) or any regulatory issues arising from the relevant real estate transactions.

We provide legal services in relation to the following matters:-

  • sale or purchase of properties of a residential or commercial nature, raw lands and industrial factories

  • leases and tenancies

  • loan and security documentation

  • property management

  • discharge of charge

  • perfection of transfer


Real Estate



There is a common misconception that estate planning is only for high net worth individuals. That cannot be farther from the truth. 

If you own assets of any nature which you intend to convey to your loved ones after your demise, it is advisable that you undertake an estate planning exercise to ensure that your affairs are not just appropriately dealt with but also done in accordance with your wishes. A properly planned estate will provide the much-needed direction and organisation at a difficult time in your family's life.

Passing on without a will or any plan in place could have potentially devastating impact and consequences on your family and these consequences are not just costly monetarily but it could be a long battle before your family can access your assets for their use. In some cases, an intestate estate may also potentially give rise to conflict therefore causing a rift in the family.   

No one estate is identical and a person's circumstance may likely differ from another's. Therefore, we encourage you to speak to a lawyer or professional will-writers to talk about your succession plans and any concerns that you may have.


Our legal advice and drafting services are tailored to our clients' requirements. Beyond our legal advisory and drafting services, we also assist our clients in probate and administration matters.

We are able to assist you in the following matters:-

  • drafting of wills

  • drafting of trust deeds

  • incorporation of private trust structures

  • administration of estate/trust

  • distribution of assets

  • executorship / trusteeship services

  • application to court for issuance of Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration

  • will custody services

Estate Planning


We advise employers and employees on employment and industrial relations laws in Malaysia. 

We provide general legal advice and/or drafting services on the following:-

  • employment contracts

  • service contracts 

  • employee handbook and human resource policies

  • management of employee issues including but not limited to termination of employees

  • retrenchment of employees

  • employment issues arising from company restructurings

  • employee misconduct and internal disciplinary proceedings 

  • unfair termination, constructive dismissal and wrongful dismissal


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