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Avid property investors and most businesses, if not all, are invariably involved in transactions which necessitate professional legal advice. However, the real necessity of engaging a lawyer is almost always a question that weighs on the mind of every cost-conscious person. That, or one simply wants to avoid the "hassle" of engaging a lawyer.

Like any situation in life, being penny wise and pound foolish could prove to be a costly decision when things take a wrong turn. Getting the necessary professional advice for your business affairs is a relatively small price to pay compared to the potentially higher cost of steering the situation back to the right course.


Often times the damage done arising from transactions that have gone awry could have been avoided altogether had proper advice been sought.

We strongly believe in getting things right from the get-go. Where risks are inherent or unavoidable, we help our clients mitigate such risks with a view to reduce or avoid altogether the probability of commencing or defending legal actions in the future.

This is where we step in to provide legal help to meet the specific needs of you or your business. 

Our general counsel services on a retainer basis are suitable for:-

  • startups or small to medium businesses that require general legal assistance with a view to maintain a seamless operation organisation-wide, and to guide and facilitate routine business transactions

  • landlords, property owners and investors who require extra help in managing their property investment portfolio

General Counsel Services (Read More)


Find the right plan for your legal needs

Note:  Our standard legal retainer plans set out herein can be customised to suit your requirements. Please get in touch with us for more information.



Minimum Subscription   |   6 Months


Operating a business in today's complex regulatory and litigious environment can be challenging. Having a reliable legal adviser to monitor the legal health of your organisation can help you redirect your focus on what is important; maximising opportunities, optimising resources and growing the business. 

Setting up your own in-house legal department would be a prudent business decision. However, we understand that the establishment of a legal department will unlikely be in the forefront of a small to medium business' priority as a department of such nature is seen to be a cost-centre and not a profit generator.


On the other hand, engaging the services of external counsels on a regular basis to handle routine legal matters could be a costly affair.


Our general legal counsel services would allow you to have your own legal advisers without the fixed overhead costs of an in-house legal department.  

We are committed to monitoring the legal health of your organisation by anticipating potential legal pitfalls and guiding you through the said pitfalls with practical preemptive strategies. As your lawyers, we endeavour to keep your business compliant with current laws and your business decisions legally sound.




Minimum Subscription   |   12 Months


The rental/leasing landscape in Malaysia can be muddy and wrought with issues and challenges involving landlord and tenant disputes. We want to assist you in navigating some of the typical problems which you might face when dealing with your property and/or your tenant.


An avid property investor may have the capital to acquire properties but not the time to deal with administrative matters that come with them. We want to help you compartmentalise and dispense with your legal obligations via our consolidated property management services. Talk to us and let us know your concerns. Our retainer services can be tailored to your specific needs. 


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